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Manual Brass Bell

Manual School Brass Bell

The Manual School Bell System has been around for years.    It has been traditionally used by schools because that was the way things were done.

The large swing bell in the middle of the school so that everyone could hear it, was great for a while.    It makes you wonder why it’s not used anymore.    Lets think about it a little.

There are about 10-12 bell rings per day for junior school per day.    The sound output of the bell is well over 100dB.   Staff and kids must have been getting sore ears being so close to the bell.    Wow, some senior schools which have up to 22 rings a day, it must have been a chore and damaged their hearing at the same time. Just think of the law suites that could arise from this.

The hand bell.    You can pick one up on Ebay for about $20.    It’s simple and it works.    But you need to walk around the school to make sure everyone heard the bell.    I guess it’s good exercise.    The funny thing is that I was the lucky kid that got to do it.    It was cool for the first few days,  getting out of class early, then it wasn’t so cool missing out on homework instructions. There must be a smarter way.

School Bell System

School Bell System

This website is dedicated to the School Bell System.    From ancient times until now the Bell has been used to signal the start or the end of class lessons.    The Chinese used their square clay gongs over 1000 years ago for this.   The hand bell has been quite popular and low cost for the last 400 years.   Then came the electric bell about 150 years ago. which was a revolution in convenience, giving the ability to operate many bells with one button press.