Smooth Working School Office.

A resent school I visited also used students to ring the hand bell 5 minutes before end of morning and lunch breaks. Then the office staff operated the manual bell button. There were a few difficulties noticed, the position of the manual bell button was 20 meters down a hallway out of site of the school staff. It must have been a real chore for the Office Staff getting up out of their seat and walking down the hallway 14 times a day to operate the bell, I suppose it’s good exercise. This repeatedly interrupted the staffs consentration each time they needed to operate the bell. Another funny thing was they also got so use to the problem they just put up with it until a teacher temp said why not use an electronic school bell. The light bulb lit up when they googled “school bell system” and found there were automatic bell systems that cured their problems.

The main problem was the Electic Bell Button was manually operated by the staff, because the kids couldn’t be trusted to ring it on time without fail. I hear these issues so often.

They installed a school bell system and now its a Smooth Working School Office, without the stress. Another happy school.

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